Friday, September 25, 2009

A giant caring heart

A giant caring heart!
My son David has been a foster parent for many years. When a family cannot properly care for a child, the county steps in, removes the child and finds a home for him. David provides such a home.

David has provided a home for kids in trouble for many, many years. He has three boys now. Two brothers, Hector [11] and Kyle [6]. Also Andrew [7]. Taking care of kids means seeing that they are dressed, fed, and arrive at school on time. It means settling arguments, picking them up from school, looking over their homework and insuring that the kids complete their school assignments. And as you may imagine, it means a zillion other things too.

Each of these kids are individuals, requiring separate and special loving care. Kyle sleeps late, while Andrew and Hector get up by themselves. When breakfast is on the table, David goes upstairs, wakes Kyle and carries him downstairs to eat.

These three boys are lucky, because David has a giant caring heart!
Andrew & Kyle watch
as David prepares breakfast.


No location maps during the California trip.