Sunday, September 20, 2009

HP Notebook

HP Notebook
The TiogaRV Team's new notebook computer has chosen his name. It is, "Mr. HP!" Not very unusual, novel or unique. But descriptive, don't you think? Hmmmmm?

Also, apparently a popular choice among our Readers!

5PM - Moving programs and data.
During today, Ms. Vaio, Mr. HP and Jorge have been working on moving programs and data from Ms. Vaio to Mr. HP. So far, we have done pretty good. The Tornado Cable that we bought yesterday is invaluable.

We are now able to publish our blog from Mr. HP. All of the programs and data have been transferred from Ms. Vaio. Even our Pegasus Email software and data have been transferred.

It is possible to do this kind of stuff automatically using software like "PC Mover". However, we choose not to use automatic software because it transfers a lot of stuff that we do not want transferred.


No maps during our California trip.