Wednesday, September 02, 2009

HughesNet is the culprit

HughesNet is the culprit!!
Mr. Datastorm, our hardworking team member has been having a whole lot of challenges lately. When Mr. Datastorm tries to go online, his modem changes frequencies to a frequency that does not exist. Knowledgeable people on Datastorm Users Forum advised that our modem is to blame.

Well, the problem kept on getting worse. Last nite it took over three hours to go online! So, we tried another frequency. A frequency that we were not assigned, but could log on to. We logged on immediately! So the problem appears to be a HughesNet problem, not a Mr. Datastorm modem problem.

We have sent an email to our Datastorm Dealer, Mr. Steve O'Bosky asking him to have our frequency changed to the one that works.

PS: Our apologies to readers who dread even thinking about technical stuff like this!

10AM - Remembering Baby Boid.
On April 25, 2009, almost six months ago, Tioga and The Team made a Camp in the Town of Magdelena. During the early evening, I went outside to buy tacos at the stand just around the corner. As I went out of Tioga's door, Baby Boid flew on my shoulder. As soon as Boid was outside, he flew into the tree that you see in the pic below.

We never saw our friend, Baby Boid ever again. This morning we talked to our neighbors here on this street. None of them ever saw Boid either. MsTioga wonders if Boid taught some of the wild birds to talk? Boid was a good talker!

MsTioga and The Team have returned to this place, Boid's last Camp, to commemorate his time with us.
Boid is now living somewhere around here.

Boid chewing paper on my desk.
Pic taken during his last day living with MsTioga.