Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Hurricane Jimena!

5AM - Hurricane Jimena!
For the past two days, Hurricane Jimena has brought cloudy skies and much rain to where MsTioga and The Team have been traveling. However, we just looked out at the nite sky and it is soooooooo clear! We are able to see the Constellation Orion as clear as can be.

Hurricane Jimena is now rated the most powerful of all storms. A Category 5 monster which has sustained winds above 155 miles per hour and reports of gusts of 190 MPH. The storm appears to be traveling north-north west at 11 MPH. Jimena is moving away from MsTioga's location and is predicted to head up the western side of Baja California.

This movement may be the reason that the skies over MsTioga are clear this morning.

12 Noon - Driving thru Guadalajara.

MsTioga decided to drive thru the giant City of Guadalajara in one day. As we entered the Town of Tlaquepaque [a bit east of Guadaljara] we spotted a familiar sign, and just had to stop!

Can you guess where we are?
Where are we?

The challenge of lateral roads.
Many cities in Mexico require heavy vehicles to use lateral roads instead of the main roads These main or center roads are reserved for automobiles. However, it is a real challenge to use these lateral roads.

All of the signs are for the center roads, not the laterals. So here we are driving on the lateral road, and there is a sign with an arrow pointing to where we want to go. But the arrow points toward the center road. So, we get on the center road only to find that MsTioga is the only heavy vehicle here. Looking to the lateral, we see many trucks. Wow!

We have made a mistake! We get off at the next exit and are now with the big trucks. But then we come to a place where the sign again points left. There is a "Y" to the right and a dump truck exits. But we go left because we are in the wrong lane. Once more, another mistake!

Luckily, there were no transit police around to see these mistakes!

Driving thru Guadalajara has other challenges too. We came to glorietta [round-about] with six exits. Man-O-Man! MsTioga went very slowly in the glorietta trying to read the signs. We made it, but horns behind us were blowing because we went too slow.

4PM - Nite Camped in Arenal.

After we left the City of Guadalajara, MsTioga headed west. We found a Nite Camp site in the Town of Arenal. When we went to open MsTioga's side door, we found the lock was jammed! The lock had to be completely disassembled to un-jam it. Isn't that weird?
George and Tioga in Arenal.