Saturday, September 12, 2009

Intertwined lives

Intertwined lives
It seems that my life is destined to intertwine with Mauricio and Edith González. You may recall that Mauricio and Edith are my friends who live in the City of León.

We first met during my trip to explore Copper Canyon in January, 2008 [link]. At this first meeting with the González family, we made plans to meet again when MsTioga and I passed thru León. In February, 2008, we met again in the City of Guanajuato! [link].

MsTioga and I went to the the mountains of Mexico this summer to escape the heat of the Pacific Coast. We passed thru León again and visited with our friends once more. We did the same thing on our return to the coast at the end of summer.

Perhaps as a result of Mauricio's first meeting with MsTioga, he decided to buy a travel trailer! And yesterday, unknown to MsTioga and myself, Mauricio and Edith took their trailer on a vacation. And guess where they went? To Aticama where they camped in the Playa Amor RV Park! Wow! Double Wow with sugar on it!!

We meet again!
Yesterday afternoon I was reading some posts on the Datastorm Users Forum and replied to a question from a person who turned out to be a reader of my blog. His name is William Gibbon, a Canadian who spent some time right here in Aticama. William mentioned in his reply to my post, how great the Shrimp Burgers are at the Casa Mañana Restaurant. I decided to go eat one of those Shrimp Burgers this evening.

In order to get to Casa Mañana, it is necessary to drive passed the Playa Amor RV Park where Mauricio and Edith are now camped. We did not see them as we drove by Playa Amor. But Mauricio saw MsTioga, hopped in his truck and took off after us.

I was sooooooo surprised and happy to see Mauricio and Edith. They have come to Playa Amor on a mini-vacation which is a 2nd honeymoon! Isn't that the greatest thing?
Edith and Mauricio.
Playa Amor RV Park

At Casa Mañana for Shrimp Burgers!

Shrimp Burger!

Thank you Reader William Gibbon!
The Shrimp Burger that you told me about was delicious. Mauricio, Edith and I loved them! Without your mention of Shimp Burgers, it is likely that I would NOT have met Maurico and Edith at all during their vacation at Playa Amor.

Intertwined lives! Who can explain the mystery of such things?