Sunday, September 27, 2009

The kid likes Nirvana

The kid likes Nirvana!
This morning Hector was listening to his Play Station and Kurt Cobain's "Lake of Fire" was on. I asked the kids of they knew other Nirvana music. We put Nirvana on using YouTube.

Hector's brother Kyle really liked the music, and he is only six years old!
Kyle watching and listening to Nirvana.

9AM - Kids and electronic things.
Son David went off to play tennis and left me in charge of the three boys. Soon all three were on the couch, immersed in their electronic gadgets. Not a good idea, it seems to me.

All of us went outside to do some games, play around on the bikes, and tell stories. Much more fun!
Andrew, Hector & Kyle electronically involved.


No location maps during the California trip.