Saturday, September 05, 2009

Living the good life!

Living the good life!
As you may know, my present life began with a second chance. A chance to turn my life around from one of living only for myself. Since grabbing on to my second chance, my life has been a miracle of wonder. I vagabond around, doing stuff that I love, and share it with you!

This morning while answering email, I linked to one of MsTioga Magazine's stories. The one titled, "Santa Rosalia on the Sea of Cortez" [link]. Remember that I wintered in Santa Rosalia for a few years. Well, I got to reading this story again, which brought back good memories. At the bottom of this Santa Rosalia story are links to Virtual Reality pics from, "Don Bain's Virtual Guidebooks." [link]

This fellow, Don Bain, with his Virtual Guidebooks appears to be living the good life also. He travels around making Virtual Reality pics, something that he loves to do. And then he shares his VR pics with others. Can life get any better than that? Hmmmmmm?

The Pollo Asado Story.
This afternoon I walked over to Angel and Del's motor home and asked, "Are you doing anything special this evening? How about having a chicken party?"

Both Angel and Del thought that a chicken party would be a good idea. So, Del and I drove in their little toad car, and went to the Pollo Asado store in Aticama. Everybody agrees, that this pollo asado store sells the best BBQ chicken around these parts.

I bought the pollo asado, which includes tortillas, sopa blanca [marcaroni salad] and salsa. Paid $80 pesos [$6.32US] for a whole chicken, cut up into parts.

We will have our chicken party this evening over at Angel and Del's motor home.

6PM - Little Mavicita tells about the party!
Jorge and I went over to the Chicken Party. I took some pics for you to see. But the Sun was wrong, too low in the sky. The pics came out darkish, so I couldn't show you all of us at the dining table outside. Even the food pic came out funny looking.

Anyway, we all had a good time eating chicken as the Sun set down into the Pacific Ocean. It was another wonderful day!