Thursday, September 17, 2009

Living the high-life in Concord

Living the high-life in Concord!
As you may see in the pic below, we are living the high-life in the City of Concord. This morning my son David fixed breakfast for his three foster kids and I ate breakfast with them. Then we all piled in David's car, drove the kids to school and then to the BART train station.

While David is at work, I get to tootle around in his nice Acura car!
Jorge and David's Acura car.

8AM - Fry's Electronics
The first thing on the agenda is to buy a new mouse for Ms. Vaio. Our wireless mouse went bad a few weeks back, and since then Ms. Vaio had been using an old mouse that was pretty beat up. We selected a Logitech Laser Cordless mouse, and then went over to look at notebook computers.

Walking thru a huge electronics store as is Fry's Electronics, puts my brain on extreme overload! A million shelves filled with a gazillion pretty packages of every kind of electronic device. How am I able to go by these packages, without reading about what's inside?

A salesperson in the computer department recommended a Fujitsu laptop. "Not made in China. It's made in Japan.", he told me. Then he described all of the Fujitsu's features. Nearly all of this conversation went right over my head. "I have to think it over.", I told him.

I was driving back home to David's house, when the thought came to me to go over to a local computer independent company. So, I turned the Acura around, and headed over to "R-Computer".

10AM: R-Computer.
I have known about R-Computer for many years. This store is located in the City of Pleasant Hill, close to the Diablo Valley College campus. A fortyish fellow was sitting at a notebook computer doing something. "Let me know if you have questions", he said to me without looking up. I described what I did with my computer. No video games. Only web publishing. Uploading and downloading files.

His name is Ed, and he recommended a business class HP notebook. "I don't want your money today", Ed told me. Just write your name and phone number on this paper and return tomorrow at this time. I'll have your notebook ready for you. I'll remove all the bloatware that it comes with, and load it with AVG anti-virus software.

I wrote my name on the paper.


No maps during our California trip.