Thursday, September 10, 2009

The most difficult decision

The most difficult decision
Last evening I went to a movie titled, "La Decision Mas Dificil" [The most difficult decision]. In the US this movie is titled, "My Sister's Keeper". I was attracted to this movie because actress Abigail Breslin is in it. She is a marvelous teenage actor.

The story is about parents of a daughter with cancer. There is no hope for this sick child, unless a person may be found who may donate body parts that are a genetic match. Almost impossible. However, there is a way. If the parents have another child who is conceived thru in vitro fertilization to be a genetic match donor, than maybe the life of the sick child may be saved.

The story of a sister who is conceived with the idea that she will donate whatever is needed to keep her sick sibling alive, is mind blowing. The acting in this movie is superb.

As a cancer survivor myself, I was astounded and saddened to learn of this plot as the story unfolded. My time with cancer, especially the time in my cancer support group, taught me that the value of life is directly related to how prepared a cancer patient is to let go of their life. To hang on to life at any cost, no doubt will cause havoc within a family. And thus diminish the value of life for everybody in the family.

4PM - Back at Matanchen Beach.

We have returned from our shopping trip to Tepic, and made a beeline for the beach of Matanchen. The temperature is down to 90°F because of cloud cover. That's great for everybody on the TiogaRV Team!
Tioga and Jorge at Matanchen Beach.