Friday, September 18, 2009

New computer

New computer!
This morning I'll be going to R-Computer to pick up my new HP notebook computer. You may be a bit surprised to learn that I don't really know much about this new computer. I'm relying on the reputation of R-Computer, and the experience of Ed, the person selling me this machine.

I know that I want four USB ports. Also a microphone with a camera for Skype. I also want Microsoft Vista, because of its fantastic search function. Other than that, pretty much all of the specs are above my understanding.

Second computer.
Ms. Vaio, the Sony notebook computer is still working. Why am I buying another notebook? Well, that is a very good question!

I've tried computer backups, and they just do not do it for me. When something goes wrong with my computer, I want to have a complete-ready to go second computer standing by. A second computer with all of my programs on it. A duplicate machine.

It wouldn't be a good thing to have Ms. Vaio go bad, and then be wandering around Mexico looking for another computer. Also, there are other things that may go wrong with a computer besides the hard drive crashing. What would happen if the space bar stopped working?

Introducing HP Notebook!

All afternoon I have been messing around with the new HP Notebook. It is a great computer! It has an Intel Dual Core T6570 processor @ 2.10 GHz clock speed. 3.00 GB RAM memory. Windows Vista Business operating system. The model is an HP Probook #4510S.

Ms. Vaio runs hot. The HP runs cool. The battery on the HP must be much larger, because it runs for four hours on battery, while the Sony runs less than 2 hours.

It is much easier setting up the HP while Ms. Vaio is operating. No pressure. Little by little I'm transferring software that I use to the HP.

This afternoon, Weng called using Skype. I downloaded Skype to the HP, and had a nice video conversation with Weng for over an hour. Weng got to talk with my son, David!
The new HP computer!


No maps during our California trip.