Wednesday, September 16, 2009

No hotel internet

No hotel internet!
Yesterday when we arrived at Suites del Sol Hotel, the first thing we asked was, is the internet connection working? "Yes", was the answer. However, this proved not to be an accurate answer!

Suites del Sol may be undergoing hard times. Perhaps the expense of internet is one of the victims of hard times? We don't know. The hotel's internet connection never came on. And we tried several times to use it with no success.

Finally, one of the people in the hotel told us that the internet connection at the hotel is not working.

8AM - Starbucks!
We checked out of the hotel this morning, and took a bus to a Starbucks a couple of miles away. Starbucks' internet connection works great. And we are soooooo happy about that. Because Ms. Vaio and Jorge are not happy when we cannot write to you!

Airplane trip.
Our flight to California is scheduled for 4:30pm departure. A couple of hours before departure, we plan to take a taxi to the airport. Until then, we will be messing around here in Puerto Vallarta. Maybe we will spend some time down at the harbor, near the big cruise ships? We have never been on a cruise ship.

Independence Day for Mexico!
Today is the anniversary of Mexico's declaration of independence from Spain. The battle for independence began on September 16, 1810 when catholic priest Miguel Hidalgo shouted the cry for independence from the small town of Dolores, near Guanajuato [link].

10AM - Puerto Vallarta Holiday Inn.
We are now in the Holiday Inn. The cost of a room here in the Holiday Inn is double the price of Suites del Sol. However, what a wonderful hotel this is in comparison. It is a gorgeous well maintained hotel.

And, the internet access is free, and requires no sign on codes. We love it!

Next time we come to Puerto Vallarta for our trip north to visit California, we are staying in the Holiday Inn!
View from our table at Holiday Inn.

5:30PM - The Team is in Phoenix!
Little Mavicito, Ms. Vaio and Jorge have arrived in Phoenix, Arizona. Our iPod Touch is plugged into a convenient electric outlet for recharging. Wireless internet connection is FREE at the airport! Pretty neat, huh?

Our connecting flight takes off at 8:09pm. So, we will messing around in the Phoenix Airport until then. We reach our destination in Oakland, California at 10:10pm. Then we use BART [Bay Area Rapid Transit] to go to the Concord BART station. Then take a taxi to son David's home.

The food court here at the Phoenix Airport looks really good!


No maps during our visit to California.