Monday, September 14, 2009

Packing takes time

Packing takes time!
Packing our rolling flight bag may take all day! There are many things that interfere with this packing. Looking out MsTioga's windows at the ocean's waves is one of those things. Talking with people on the beach is another.

MsTioga is Camped next to a small creek that flows into the bay. Birds in this small creek are very interesting. Looking at the birds takes away from the packing process.

A nice bird in the creek.

5PM - MsTioga in her her parking place.
MsTioga moved to the place where she will stay during our trip to California. She is in the El Chaco RV Park, just behind the palapa of our friends Angel and Del.

This is a very secure place for MsTioga to remain while Little Mavicita, Ms. Vaio and Jorge are in California.
MsTioga in El Chaco.


No maps during our California trip.