Saturday, September 26, 2009

Rental car

Rental car
Yesterday afternoon, Son David dropped me off at the nearby Enterprise Rent-A-Car Company. I rented a "Mazda 3", a zippy little auto.

We are going to drive the Mazda this morning to the City of Santa Cruz to spend the day with my Son Joseph! Little Mavicita, Ms. Vaio and Mr. HP are going too. So, we will be able to take pics of our visit and share them with you while we are still down in Santa Cruz!

4PM - Joe's project.
We are at Joe's home in Santa Cruz. He has made a drainage ditch going around his home to collect rain runoff. The ditch goes to a sump at the front of his home and pumps water out to the road to drain away.
Son Joseph
Standing next to drainage ditch.

9PM - The Bigiest Jenga!

When we arrived back at Son David's home, we found the kids admiring the Bigiest Jenga that the World had ever seen. "Who built this Jenga?", I asked. Nobody would tell, but the major suspect was David!
Kyle, Hector & Andrew admire
The Bigiest Jenga!


No location maps during the California trip.