Monday, September 28, 2009

Return of the rental beast

8AM - Return of the rental beast!
This morning Son David drove to Enterprise Rent-A-Car, and I followed him in my Rental Beast. He parked his car, then we drove together to the BART station and he went to work. Then I filled the Rental Beast with gasoline and returned it to Enterprise.

8:30AM - Country Waffles.
Close by Son David's home is a restaurant named, "Country Waffles". How could I resist such a tempting name as Country Waffles? Well, I couldn't and went there to try one. The waffle was very good. I love going to restaurants. Don't you?

Searching for short pants.
Since my arrival in California, I have been shopping for short pants. For some reason that I don't understand, the kind of short pants that I like are hard to find in Mexico. And here in California, the time for shopping for short pants has passed. All that's left are what remains from the season clearance sales!

However, out in the City of Antioch, about 10 miles east of David's home, I seem to recall a store that sells clothing for working people. Just exactly what I want. Later this morning I'm planning to take a look-see for this clothing store.

Ms. Vaio vs Mr. HP
Our new laptop, Mr. HP has been with us for a week now. We thought that you might be interested in our thoughts about these two notebook computers.

We like the HP much more than the Sony-Vaio.
  • The HP has a full keyboard, including a numeric keypad. The Vaio keyboard has no numeric pad.
  • Our Vaio has problems with with the wireless network card. Vaio wireless often is slow or fails to connect. Also, sometimes the Vaio wireless driver fails completely, requiring re-installation of the driver. Vaio support has been unable to fix problems with the wireless driver. HP wireless connects immediately, stays connected and operates flawlessly.
  • The Vaio runs very hot. The HP runs cool, or at worst warm.
  • The Vaio has superior sound compared to the HP.
  • Both the HP and Vaio have excellent video displays. Almost the same size too.
  • Battery life of HP is much longer than Vaio.


No location maps during the California trip.