Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Returning to California every six months

Returning to California every six months.
Some Readers have emailed wondering why we return to California from Mexico every six months. They point out that I could easily obtain a Mexican visa [the FM3] which would allow staying in Mexico permanently.

However, I want to return to the United States often to visit with family and friends. So, my current Mexican Visa [the FM1] is perfect for me. Upon my return flight to Mexico, by filling out a Mexican Visa form, I receive a new FM1 for free from Mexican immigration!

10AM - Making the rounds.
One of the places that I like to stop into and say hello, is Oak Mountain Cabinets in Concord, CA. This is the last cabinet shop that I worked at.

It is a kick to go to Oak Mountain, and tell them about the places that I have been since my last visit. And to see that things have not changed since I worked there.


No location maps during our California trip.