Friday, September 11, 2009

Roof still leaking

We will never forget!

3AM - Roof still leaking!
A rain storm came in over Aticama. Flashlite in hand, the interior of MsTioga's cabover cabinet was inspected. For about 15 minutes while the heavy rain came down, there were no leaks. Then, a drop appeared! Then more drops! Man-O-Man!

We had hoped that our recent roof repairs at Pepe's Body Shop had stopped the leak. But there they were. No doubt about it!

Mr. Levelers volunteered to tip MsTioga enough, so that the rain would run off of the roof. MsTioga's roof is one of those older flat roofs. Once tipped up, tons of accumulated rain poured off MsTioga's roof. Then we continued our cabover inspection. The leak stopped! Wow!

So, we conclude that there has to be accumulated rain water on the roof, for the water to enter MsTioga's interior. This means to us, that the leak must be higher up on the roof vent. Likely where screws attach the hinge to the vent's lid.
Tioga and Jorge at the Little River Camp.

9AM - Courageous MsTioga moves north!
We have always made our Matanchen Beach Camp at the southern end of the bay, just north of Aticama. However, this morning MsTioga was courageous, and moved about a mile north up the beach.

If you take a look at one of our Google Map links, you may see the location where we are camped this morning. Matanchen Beach is unusual, because much of the beach consists of hard packed sand. Most other beaches are a trap of soft sand for people like MsTioga!
Tioga and Jorge looking down Matanchen Beach.

3:30PM - Rushing at life!
Back in 2002/2003 while battling with cancer, I made a deal with myself. The deal was, that when I was no longer sick, I would not sit around watching my life drift by anymore. I would "rush at life", experiencing new things and being fearless.

And that's what happened. Only thing is, now I am living in paradise. How do I "rush at life" in paradise? The answer may be found in the pic below!
Jorge in paradise!