Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Stuff for MsTioga

Stuff for MsTioga!
In October, MsTioga is scheduled to have service at the Ford dealer in the City of Tepic. One of the things to service is replacing the transmission fluid which requires a new "inline fluid filter". This filter is hard to find in Mexico. We are going to a Ford dealer here in Concord to buy one.

Another thing that MsTioga needs, is new cabover clearance lights. The present clearance lights are deteriorating due to weathering. So, we will be looking for five new clearance light fixtures too.

Breakfast with friends.
We have a date today with our friend Paul Gouveia. We will go this morning to Giant Burger, famous locally for their breakfasts.

Paul and I worked together in the 1990s to restore the Veterans Monument. The monument now resides on hotel property and will be forever cared for by the hotel. When Paul and I began the campaign to restore the Veterans Monument, the concrete structure was very deteriorated. But now, it is gorgeous!

When Paul and I began the drive to restore the monument, hardly anybody was interested in the project. However, the two of us persisted and after a few years, lots of people climbed aboard.
Veterans Monument
Pleasant Hill, California


No maps during California trip.