Saturday, September 19, 2009

USB Transfer Cable

USB Transfer Cable!
Now comes the challenge of transferring programs and data from Ms. Vaio to our new [and still un-named] HP notebook computer. After the HP is setup to be a duplicate of Ms. Vaio, the data must be regularly transferred from the primary to the secondary laptop.

We have decided on a "USB Tornado Data Transfer Cable" [link]. This cable is carried 'in-stock' at our local Fry's Electronics store.

4:30PM - Carnellian Room!
My son David is celebrating his 45th birthday. We are going to the Carnellian Room in San Francisco! This is a surprise party. David does not know that other friends of his will be going too!

The Carnellian Room is on the 52nd story over looking San Francisco Bay [link].


No location maps during our California trip.