Thursday, September 24, 2009

Visiting plans

Visiting plans!
My son Joseph lives in the City of Santa Cruz, California. I sure would like to spend a day with him, just talking and messing around. Joseph's home is about a two hour drive south. This morning I made plans for this visit.

On Friday afternoon, I'm picking up a car rental, a 3-day deal. The rental car will take me to Santa Cruz early Saturday morning. Joseph is working on a drainage project for his home. I'll be watching him work!

Son David's mailbox.
My son David has a mailbox which is in need of refinishing. I've volunteered to do this finishing project. The morning is a good time to do the job. The Sun is behind the trees early in the day.

The finish is Varathane Outdoor Clear Satin Spar Urethane. This finish gives outstanding U.V. and weather protection.
Mailbox before.

Mailbox after.


No maps during our California trip.