Thursday, October 01, 2009

Back on the beach at Matanchen

Back on the beach at Matanchen
Last nite MsTioga camped on the beach at Matanchen. Mr. Datastorm went up, but for some unknown reason, could not find SatMex 5 [his satellite]. This morning we moved close to Angel and Del's RV [the RV under the large palapa], and are using their HughesNet system to make this post.

9AM - Mr. Datastorm back online!
While we were on our trip to California, apparently HughesNet changed the frequency for Mr. Datastorm to go online. It took a little playing around, but finally Mr. Datastorm and Jorge got it figured out.

Now Mr. Datastorm is back online! And we are soooooooo happy about that!

TiogaRV Team wants to return to the mountains.
We had a team meeting this morning. MsTioga suggested that it is much too rainy and humid here in Aticama. MsTioga suggested moving back to the State of Queretero and the high country of the sierras for a few months.

We had a vote, and everybody agreed!

2PM - Traveling is wonderful!
It is a wonderful thing to simply decide to travel someplace, and just go! No worries. No wondering! Just pack up and head out.

We have arrived in the City of Tepic. The elevation is perhaps 3,000 feet here, and it is cool, in the 70s°F. Dry too! We on the TiogaRV Team love it when humidty is low!

We stopped by the Ford dealer in Tepic, and changed our October 7th appointment to October 2nd [tomorrow]. MsTioga is getting new rear brakes, new spark plugs and spark plug cables, and a change of transmission fluid.

3PM - Pollo Feliz.
The Pollo Feliz [Happy Chicken] restaurant chain is a swell place to eat. I went there for my main meal. I sure wish that you could have gone to Pollo Feliz with me.

The food is great, but being there eating with all the Mexican families is fascinating. The restaurant is large, and has a play area for kids. All around my table, the people are chatting and I of course am eves dropping, practicing my Spanish.

There is table service in this fast food restaurant. A waitress came to my table, and took my order. 1/2 BBQ chicken with real corn chips [not the fake kind], salsa that is not too hot, warm corn tortillas and a large green pepper [which I did not even touch]. $52.50 pesos [$4.15US].