Friday, October 30, 2009

Battery Isolator-Part #2

Battery Isolator-Part #2
Yesterday when I installed the new battery isolator, two wires connected to the center terminal fell away, their butt joints didn't hold. I could not see where these wires were formerly connected because they went down into a hard-to-reach part of the engine compartment.

This morning I was reading the electric schematic for the isolator, and see that one of the functions of this device is to connect the secondary battery to the engine starter. There is a "Auxiliary Start Switch " inside MsTioga which when depressed, trips the isolator allowing the secondary battery to power the engine starter. This "Auxiliary Start Switch " does not work now, probably because those two wires that fell away are not connected anymore.

I have a choice this morning. Whether to pay the auto electric shop to try and re-connect the isolator as it was before. Or, just let it go as-is. If as-is, then the secondary battery may be used to start the engine using a jumper cable. I hardly ever used the "button switch" in the past.

What to do?

8AM - Discount Auto Electric.
We had a Team Meeting, and it was decided to go make our appointment at Discount Auto Electric. The owner of the shop is Tony Mazzola and the mechanic is Enrique. Right after the shop opened, Tony told me to drive MsTioga up to begin the work.

It turns out that Enrique is from Mexico, in the State of Zacatecas. I know Zacatecas very well, and stayed there for about a month

Very quickly, Enrique figured out what I had done wrong in my electrical hook up. Now both batteries are receiving a charge from the alternator. And, I am able to use Auxiliary Start Switch if ever MsTioga's engine battery goes dead.

Cost of today's repair: $37.50US. Not a bad price for the USA!!
Mechanic Enrique from Zacatecas.

2PM - Son Dave's Home.
MsTioga and The Team have arrived at Son Dave's home in the City of Concord, California. Dave and his foster kids love Halloween. As you may see from the pic below, Halloween is special at Dave's Home [link].
Halloween at Dave's Home!

Lego fun at Dave's home!


No map links while at Dave's Home.