Tuesday, October 06, 2009

The Battery Mat

7AM - The Battery Mat
Mr. Sunny had complained that his solar battery bank accumulated battery acid in his battery trays. We searched on the internet for a solution, and came with The Battery Mat [link].
Last April we installed The Battery Mat in the tray of each of our six solar batteries. Since then, inspection shows that all of the battery acid that used to accumulate, is being absorbed by The Battery Mats.

A few months ago MsTioga told us that her two battery compartments need The Battery Mat too. So, we bought two more mats and brought them back with us upon returning from our recent California trip. This morning we installed the two mats.

After we removed the house battery, we found the steel battery tray to be horribly corroded. The corrosion was sprayed with "Must For Rust". We have had great success with Must For Rust which appears to have completely stopped corrosion on MsTioga's underside.

How long will MsTioga last?
MsTioga is now 18 years old and has 121,546 miles on her odometer. Readers have emailed wondering how long MsTioga will last. Some readers suggest that a new RV must be bought. You may be thinking the same thing while looking at the pic above of the horribly corroded battery tray!

However, we on the TiogaRV Team believe that MsTioga may be able to live as long as Jorge will live. If we are diligent about maintenance and fix or replace things that have gone bad, we believe that MsTioga will be fine forever!

4PM - Living at a lake.
What does a vagabonder do all day living at a lake? This is a place that is tranquil. Occasionally a taxi boat motors by. No tourists here today.

Looking at the lake is one thing to do. And Jorge is very good at looking at the lake. This evening we are going to setup Mr. HP outside and watch a movie. It is "Milk" starring Sean Penn as Harvey Milk, the San Francisco supervisor who is assassinated by fellow supervisor Dan White who also kills San Francisco Mayor George Moscone.

Right now we are preparing chicken rice that will be used in our pork chop Chinese food supper.
Jorge watching the lake.

Chinese food supper!
Here is a pic of our Chinese food supper. The supper contains pork chop, squash, yellow pepper, onion, bean sprouts, tomato and mushrooms on a bed of white rice.
The Chinese food supper.