Saturday, October 03, 2009

Catching up

10AM - Catching up!
During the California trip, I got way behind on lots of stuff. Including email and accounting things [Quicken posting].

Also, there are still programs needing to be transferred from Ms. Vaio to Mr. HP, our new laptop. This morning the TiogaRV Team's auto maintenance program was placed on Mr. HP, and the data transfered from Ms. Vaio.

It is soooooo easy to backup Mr. HP to Ms. Vaio. And comforting too because I am able to see that all the programs that I depend on, are exactly alike on both computers. Both Quicken [our financial program] and Pegasus [our email program] are duplicates on both notebook computers. When something goes wrong with Mr. HP, Ms. Vaio is ready to take over!

Oh yes, we are almost caught up with email. Up to September 29th!

12 Noon - Grocery shopping is fascinating.

I wish that you would have been with me to go grocery shopping today. Some things are so different in Mexico. Walk thru produce and you will see; mangoes, guayabana, guayabas, chermoya, tuna [a fruit] and agave flowers. You may think to yourself, "What are these things!?"

You may be horrified to see cut meats on a tray, right out there with the shoppers, not covered up. As you walk down the aisle, some ladies may be chatting, completely blocking your passage and seemingly unaware that you are even there.

It takes awhile to get completely into Mexico.

5PM - Nite Camped in La Labor.
MsTioga and The Team have headed out of the City of Tepic. We are going easterly, toward the coolness of the mountains.

When we arrived in La Labor, MsTioga had her engine oil changed at a small roadside shop. We wanted Ford-Tepic to do this oil change, but they ran out of time.
SeƱorita Tioga and Jorge in La Labor.