Sunday, October 04, 2009

Courage vs Fear

Courage vs Fear!
On December 16, 2007, MsTioga crossed the International Border and entered Mainland Mexico for the very first time [link]. We on the TiogaRV Team were concerned about going into Mexico. Friends had been sending emails warning about how dangerous it is in Mexico.

However, we fought back our fears, and went anyway. Over the years, we have had many things that made us afraid, made us worry. And every one of these things proved to be stuff only in our imagination.
Why should we let fear and worry rob us of our dreams?

Believing that things will be great!
Shortly after I started RVing in 2003, I had times when one or more things would break every single day. That went on for months. These breakdowns caused me to worry. I found that these worries were spoiling my days. One day I sat down and wrote the following, which I call "My Creed."

My Creed
I don't run away from my dreams,
Because of my fear of what might happen.
I have faith that no matter what fate brings me,
I shall overcome!

George July 1st, 2003

Approaching two years of living in Mexico.
This coming December, MsTioga and I will have been living in Mexico for two years. If we had listened to our fears back in December, 2007, we might not have entered Mexico. And we would have missed out on this fantastic adventure here in this fabulous country.

Having courage to beat back fear means for me, simply believing in myself. I just plain refuse to let fear of what might happen ruin my dreams!

2PM - The Lake of Santa Maria del Oro.
MsTioga decided to go stay at the lovely Lake of Santa Maria del Oro. This is the 2nd time we have gone to the lake.

At the top of the hill looking over the lake, Little Mavicita took a wonderful pano pic of the view.
Our first view of the Lake of Santa Maria del Oro.

3PM - The Gomez family from Tepic.
When we arrived at the lake, Little Mavicita and I went walking along the lake shore. There we met the Gomez family from Tepic. The whole family was there, grandmother, mom, aunts, kids. We all chatted about a zillion things.

The family was very interested in Señorita Tioga, and I asked if they would like to visit inside. Well, they all were very excited to go! We visited for over an hour inside MsTioga. I think that the entire Gomez family was taken with La Señorita!
Part of the Gomez family inside MsTioga.