Thursday, October 22, 2009

Crossing the International Border

Crossing the International Border!
MsTioga wants to cross the International Border today at the Sonoyta/Lukeville border crossing. However, it is 268 miles from our Camp in Hermosillo to the border. Quite far for us. So, we may make a Nite Camp about half way to the border.

9AM - Santa Ana.
MsTioga and The Team have arrived in the Town of Santa Ana which is located at the intersection of the highway which goes west to the border Town of Sonoyta.

You may wonder how we are online here with Mr. Datastorm not working. Mr. HP, our notebook computer turns on and sits on a table built especially for him [link]. Then MsTioga cruises along until a WiFi spot appears on the monitor. Pretty neat, huh?

This is high desert here. Mr. DeLorme, our GPS team member reports an elevation of 2,282 feet. It is cooler here too. Only 69°F outside. This is the coolest temp that we have encountered during the daytime for many months!

2PM - Border Town of Sonoyta.
We have arrived in the Border Town of Sonoyta. The International Border is ahead. Mr. HP does not know if he is able to find a WiFi on the other side of the border. So, we have made a post here.

The road from Hermosillo to Sonoyta is very good. Often a separated highway with two lanes in each direction.

We on TiogaRV Team do not bother worrying about food confiscation at borders. Not worth the bother. What ever the border people want, they may have.

US Border Station - Lukeville, Arizona.
As you may see in the pic below, there is very little waiting to pass thru the Lukeville Border Station.

MsTioga went thru secondary inspection with flying colors. All of Mr. Dometic's food remained. The border people did not take one thing! Not even eggs or chicken!
Lukeville Border Station entrance.

4PM - Town of Ajo, Arizona.
We have made a Nite Camp in the Town of Ajo, Arizona. Mr. HP has found a really good WiFi connection, and we are staying the nite here hopefully connected to the net.

We took a drive thru the Town of Ajo. The homes here appear to be owned by lower-middle class income people. But these are much larger homes than those usually found in Mexico. The streets here in Ajo are wide and paved with well maintained sidewalks and city landscaping. It is bewildering to observe the tremendous wealth here in this little desert town. Wealth owned by ordinary people compared to similar people in Mexico.

Besides the homes, other things are a bit different from Mexico. As you may see in the pic below, we found a sign that would not be found in the entire country of Mexico.