Saturday, October 24, 2009

Do we need Datastorm

Do we need Datastorm?
We have received several emails and one ShoutBox post wondering, "Do we need Datastorm?" During this trip north, we seem to have easily found WiFi access and made our blog posts.

Yes! We do need our Mr. Datastorm. Although we are finding WiFi in cities and towns, often MsTioga and The Team do not make our Camps in populated places. Way out in the forests and deserts, for example. And also in Aticama and the gorgeous lake at Santa Maria del Oro.

We need Mr. Datastorm in order to be who we are, Vagabonders-Supreme!

One week on the road north.
This morning when MsTioga heads into the depths of the State of California, she will have been on the road one week. It was one week ago while we were in the City of Tepic, that we decided to return to the USA and get Mr. Datastorm fixed up.

This has been a challenging trip! Two times MsTioga has gone to a mechanic for repairs. Once to fix a leak in her dash air conditioner. And once to replace her busted water pump. To say nothing of moving along at maximum WARP speed!

MsTioga has never gone so far, so fast during any other trip! 1,234 miles in seven days. That's 176 miles per day [average]. We are sooooooo proud of MsTioga!

4PM - Pinon Hills.
MsTioga traveled 204 miles today. A bit more than we had planned. Mr. HP connected to WiFi in the desert Town of Pinon Hills. It is a poor connection, only 1-bar on the WiFi scale. So, we may move a bit to get a stronger signal. [Note: We moved 200 yards east and now we have a 4-bar signal!! ]

For supper tonite, the menu is fried chicken salad! We take a chicken breast, cut it up into chunks, bread and fry them. Then make a salad with 1000 island dressing. Love this stuff!

6:30PM - Looking for WiFi again.
Immediately after making our 4pm post, our WiFi connection evaporated! So, after eating supper, MsTioga wandered around in the gathering dusk while Mr. HP scanned the electronic horizon for a signal.

Several WiFi signals popped up, but none proved good. So, we continued wandering. About an hour later, we arrived in the City of Palmdale where we connected with the "It's A Grind Coffee House" WiFi. That's where we are now.

This story of looking for WiFi highlights the great value of having Mr. Datastorm on board when he is working. Early this afternoon we spotted a free State of California campground in the desert, and we wished to stay there for the nite. However, we were without any internet connection.