Sunday, October 11, 2009

El Viejo Aztlán

El Viejo Aztlán
The place where MsTioga has made her Camp is called El Viejo Aztlán. It is like a park here with a nice grass lawn which grows down to the lovely lake named La Laguna de Santa Maria del Oro. El Viejo Aztlán includes a large outdoor restaurant. This place is owned by a 60s something fellow named Benito. He lives in the Pueblo of Santa Maria del Oro located high above La Laguna.

Señorita Tioga does not make her Camp in El Viejo Aztlán for free. She pays Benito rent. However, the rent is very reasonable for such a lovely setting as La Laguna. $50 pesos per day which at today's exchange rate is $3.80US/day. The TiogaRV Team will likely spend about ten days camping here at El Viejo Aztlán.

Switched to Google Chrome!
Hi! This is Mr. HP, the TiogaRV Team notebook computer typing at you. We recently switched to the Google Chrome browser. And we love it! Google Chrome is fast! We like Chrome's Bookmark Manager too. Very intuitive and easy to use.

We switched from Firefox when the new browser version seriously bogged down at startup. You may download Google Chrome [here].

5PM - La Laguna is a busy place!
Lots of families travel mostly from the City of Tepic on Sunday, to enjoy the park and La Laguna. Fishing, camping, BBQing, singing, eating and just having a good time.
MsTioga looks at all the families here on Sunday.