Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Every Team Member is Essential

Every Team Member is Essential!
Every one of the TiogaRV Team Members is essential to our well being and happiness. Every single one! While Mr. Datastorm was out of order, we kept on, but it was not the same.

Now, thanks to our friend Steve O'Bosky, Datastorm dealer supreme, Mr. Datastorm is better than new. Better than ever!!

We have made a Blogging Camp at the National Forest Station along Hwy #180. Mr. Datastorm went up, found his Space Station, and is online at 65 Signal Quality. Very good!
TiogaRV Team - On the road again!

1PM - Reader Walter.
Friend and Reader Walter Barsam has followed the Adventures of Tioga and George for several years. Walter works at KSFN-TV in the City of Fresno. The last time we visited with Walter, was about three years ago.

Walter works in the engineering department. He gave me a tour of the station which has been greatly modernized since my last visit.
Walter Barsam and MsTioga.

5PM - Nite Camped in Fresno.
MsTioga traveled 51 miles today. No more moving along a maximum WARP speed. We are back to our normal daily journey. Searching for adventure and being on the road for only an hour or two each day.