Monday, October 19, 2009

Four Million Visits

Four Million Visits!
Sometime this morning, our SiteMeter counter went over Four Million Visits! Wow! Everybody on the TiogaRV Team thanks you for following our adventures.

9:30AM - Posting from Los Mochis.
MsTioga and The Team are posting from the counter of a tiny roadside hardware store. We have rented the TelCel device the owner calls "Banda Ancha".

We are continuing our journey north, and will post later today where we make our Nite Camp. See you then!

2:30PM - Online in Novojoa!
MsTioga cruised around in the City of Novojoa while Mr. HP looked for an unsecured network to go online. And guess what?! We found one. Good signal strength too!

MsTioga has traveled 170 miles today. We will stay the nite here in Novojoa. We have updated our map links using our Mr. DeLorme to obtain the GPS coordinates!

Note about current trip to the USA:
Last Friday troubles began with our internet connection. At first we thought that HughesNet, our satellite internet provider was responsible. Now we know that the problem is that Mr. Datastorm's transmitter is toast, completely fried.

The next day on Saturday, MsTioga and The Team headed north for the State of California in the USA. We are going to visit with our Datastorm dealer, Steve O'Bosky where the bad transmitter will be replaced.

This trip north is one of the longest trips in miles and the shortest in days that we can remember. In only three days, we have traveled 544 miles north from our departure location in the City of Tepic. Right now we are in the City of Navajoa and only 369 miles from the International Border and Nogales, Arizona.

MsTioga entered Mexico in December, 2007. When we reach Nogales, she will have been out of the USA for almost two years.