Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Gruas Treslados

Gruas Treslados!
Yesterday when Gaspar told me the name of his company, I heard "Gruas Tres Lados" which in Spanish means "Tow Trucks Three Sides". However, as you may see in the pic below, the name is "Gruas Y Traslados" which means "Tow Trucks and Transfers".

Gaspar's business is mainly, moving very heavy loads. He uses a large crane and lowboy trailers to make these moves. A pic of his big crane is below.

I do not know why exactly, but Gaspar's business is very slow lately.
A Gruas Treslados tow truck.

The big crane.

Luck or a miracle?
Yesterday when MsTioga's water pump bearing let go, we heard the sound of the fan rattling around but did not know what that sound was. After awhile, the rattling sound got louder, so we pulled over to take a peak.

At the time we were still quite a bit south of the City of Hermosillo and travelling thru an unoccupied area. If we would have stopped a mile back, we would not have found Gaspar to fix MsTioga.

But we stopped smack in front of Gaspar's business. Right in front of his driveway! What a lucky thing. Or is it a miracle? MsTioga drove way up into Gaspar's property, far enough from the highway to be able to sleep last nite.

If we had stopped last nite even a short distance sooner, MsTioga would have been stuck for the nite alongside the noisy highway with trucks passing by. And we would have had to find a mechanic this morning to replace the water pump.

9AM - Buying parts at AutoZone.
Gaspar gathered all of the parts needed for the repair and we drove together to the AutoZone store in Hermosillo. Besides the busted water pump, we are replacing two belts, the thermostat and the tiny hose behind water pump. These other items are replaced because it would be difficult to replace them without removing the radiator or because it is an easy replacement now.

3PM - Radiator installed.
It took the rest of the morning to install the new water pump and re-install most of the other removed parts and assemblies. Just now the radiator and its shroud got installed, followed by the fan clutch.

It is getting close to the completion of this job!

4PM - Ready to roll.
The water pump is installed. MsTioga has been checked out, and there are no leaks. We are going to remain in Hermosillo for the nite, and head out north again tomorrow morning. MsTioga is Nite Camped next to a sports field, as you might see when clicking on the Google Earth Map link below.