Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween accident

Halloween accident!
This morning Son Dave had a terrible Halloween accident. A large screw fell from the sky and went clean thru Dave's head! But strangely, Dave is still able to prepare breakfast, as you may see for yourself in the pic below!
Dave screwed by Halloween bolt!

1PM - MsTioga broken down!
We had just left an oil changing place where MsTioga had her oil changed. The engine starter seemed sluggish. I may have mentioned this engine starter problem before. Anyway, we pulled MsTioga over and I went to clean the cables that attach the engine battery.

On re-attaching the cables, the connection broke! Literally came away!! I did not know what the thing that broke was, and I phoned Son Dave for help. Dave suggested that I put a pic of this broken thing on the internet for possible identification by a Reader. So Mr. Datastorm went up to get us online.

While Mr. Datastorm was doing his thing, I looked for this unknown part in our Chilton Ford Manual. And guess what, there is a whole section on this same part!

It is called, "Starter Motor Solenoid Relay Switch".

When Mr. Datastorm was online, we looked for an AutoZone store and found one not too far away. Using our TracFone, we called AutoZone, and they have one of these things in stock! Man-O-Man!
Starter Motor Solenoid Relay Switch.


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