Saturday, October 17, 2009

Heading toward the United States

Heading toward the United States!
This morning the TiogaRV Team will head north for the United States! This trip is especially to visit our Datastorm dealer and friend Steve O'Bosky, to get our Mr. Datastorm working again.

We had planned to visit Steve next April to do this work. However, with Mr. Datastorm not being able to go online at all anymore, we decided to return immediately.

MsTioga and I talked it over, and we decided that to remain in Mexico without Mr. Datastorm working right, would just not be the thing to do. Our whole thing is to be able to just wander around and search for adventure. Without Mr. Datastorm, we would either not be blogging, or forced to remain in places where there were internet cafes.

We plan to drive about four hours each day. Wherever we are after a four hour drive, that is where we will make our Camp. We plan to keep doing posting using this method [link].

1PM - Mazatlan
When we arrived in Mazatlan, everybody on The Team looked for an internet cafe. This was a mistake. We should have looked for a place for our Camp. Soon we were north of Mazatlan in hill country with no place for our Nite Camp.

3PM - Pueblo of Coyotitan,
We came to the Pueblo of Coyotitan and found a taco stand selling pollo asado tacos. I ordered four of them. They are very good tacos!
Tacos asado stand.


4PM - Nite Camp.
We made our Nite Camp in a wide street across from a school. It is warm here, 88°F outside. It is late in the day, and soon the Sun will set and things should cool off fast after sunset.
Coyotitan Nite Camp.

Garvin Nuvi GPS.
Our little Garvin GPS keeps track of our trip. In the pic below you may see the detail of today's journey. The ""Stopped Time" is when I was taking naps. I nap a lot when driving far!