Friday, October 16, 2009

HughesNet crashed

9:30AM - HughesNet crashed!
This morning we tried to go online, and found that HughesNet had crashed BIG time. So, after more than an hour with no results at all from HughesNet, we decided to pack up and head for the City of Tepic. In Tepic MsTioga is able to park in the WalMart lot where we have access to the Vips Restaurant's WiFi.

We have sent an email to Steve O'Bosky, our Datastorm dealer asking to begin the transition to new equipment that may resolve this internet problem. Steve will be able to communicate with us thru this WiFi instructing how to install and setup the new equipment.

The new equipment consists of a Motosat D3 controller and a HughesNet HN7000s modem. We have this new equipment inside MsTioga just for a situation like this.

2PM - Still not able to connect.
We have been working with Steve O'Bosky all morning long. Ms. Vaio is connected to Mr. Datastorm, and Mr. HP is talking to Steve using WiFi and Skype. A new transmitter cable was purchased to see if that would resolve the connection problem, The new cable did not fix it.

Also, we have developed a router problem too. The router is dropping the connection from our D2 controller to the 7000 modem. Wow!

The conclusions are that the problem could be either:
  • Mr. Datastorm's transmitter.
  • HughesNet having isolation problems.
  • Router going bad.
We are thinking about heading north, and returning to the USA and Steve O'Bosky's place and having Mr. Datastorm checked out.

When the going gets tough!
The tough go out to eat! So, we are going over to Pollo Feliz for a BBQ chicken lunch! When we return, Little Mavicita will show you what the chicken looks like down here in Mexico!
4pm - Our chicken lunch, partially consumed!

Most things are working fine!
Although Mr. Datastorm is not working, most things are working great. It is very important for us on the TiogaRV Team to remember this!


No maps while Mr. Datastorm is not working.