Thursday, October 29, 2009

Isolater broken

7AM - Isolator broken!
Lately MsTioga's engine starter has been sometimes sluggish. As if the engine battery is not fully charged. On inspection, a broken isolator switch was found. The connector that goes from the isolator to the ignition switch is wiggly, and the nut cannot be made tight.

We do not know if this isolator is the cause of the starting problems. So, we are going to shop for a new isolator to eliminate that concern.

Readers like MsTioga in California.
Lately our daily visitor count has been over 3,000 readers. Before MsTioga entered California, we were averaging about 2,500 readers per day.

What is it about California that you like soooooooo much? Hmmmm?

11AM - Traffic jam!
We found Sundown RV in Atwater, CA by searching on the internet. At Sundown we bought the isolator switch and filled MsTioga's propane tank.

Continuing north on Hwy #99, MsTioga came upon something that we do not see much anymore. A traffic jam!

We pulled off in the Town of Livingston, California and made a Breakfast Camp in order to give traffic a chance to clear up.
Traffic jam on Hwy #99.

2PM - Installed isolator.
We have arrived in the City of Modesto and installed the new isolator switch. However, I must have not wired the switch correctly, because the house battery is not receiving a charge current from the alternator.

We looked for an auto electric shop. We have an appointment to return here in the morning to straighten the wiring problem out.

5PM - Found electric diagram.
Sometime back, Fleetwood supplied me with an electric diagram of MsTioga's circuits. Looking at this diagram, I found where the mis-wired cable was located and attached it correctly. Now the house battery receives charge current from the alternator. But the emergency start switch is not working now.

So, in the morning, perhaps the auto electric shop may fix it all up.