Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The lake

8AM - The lake
We love to swim in the lake in the morning. Benito, the owner of this property, told that the volcanic eruption that formed the caldera containing the lake occurred about 3 million years ago. There still is geothermic activity on the other side of the lake where the water bubbling up is actually hot. That might be the reason that the entire lake is warm and so pleasant for swimming and bathing.

Little Mavicita and I walked down to the lake this morning. Even though I am a tender foot, I can walk down there with no shoes because the park is covered with nice green grass. Little Mavicita told me that she has a setting which allows for up to a 30 second delay to take a pic. That's how we were able to capture the pic below!
Jorge in the lake.

1PM - To leave or not to leave? That is the question!
MsTioga and The Team left Aticama and the Beach at Matanchen on October 1st because it was too humid. We had returned to the coast too early. December is the right time to return to the coast if we want delightful weather.

We had thought to travel east going high into the mountains again. We thought to stop for only a day or so where we are now Camped at the lake of Santa Maria del Oro. However, now we wishing to stay here longer!

We paid park owner Benito 500 pesos [$US38] for ten days rent. Today is the 10th day, and nobody on The Team wants to leave. During the week the entire park is pretty much empty. It is like our own private park, private beach, private lake.

Why are we thinking about leaving? Hmmmm?