Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Yesterday evening I went for a walk. There is a plaza nearby, and I walked up there to look around. Some of the streets here in the City of Novojoa go off on diagonals. Because of that I lost my way back to MsTioga!

I walked and walked and walked! For over an hour I looked and could not find my way back to MsTioga. Wow! I was very bad lost.

Finally I asked some people if they knew of an internet store nearby, and they did. In the internet store, I told the lady owner that I was lost. Could I use one of her computers to look at my blog where there was a Google map of MsTioga's location?

The lady owner asked her brother, Luis, to drive me back to MsTioga! Wow! That was really a close call!

Heading for the City of Hermosillo!
This morning MsTioga will head north for a destination of the City of Hermosillo which is 201 miles away. We will make our Nite Camp inside Hermosillo. That Nite Camp will be close to the International Border!

Our DeLorme GPS software [link] tells us that from Hermosillo, the Lukeville, Arizona border crossing is 266 miles away. The Nogales, Arizona border crossing is closer, only 173 miles away. We must decide tomorrow which of these two border crossings MsTioga will use to re-enter the United States.

7AM - Air conditioning problem.
MsTioga has noticed that her dash air conditioning is cycling on and off. This is an indication of being low in refrigerant.

We have moved our Camp to alongside the Ford dealer, here in the City of Novojoa. Would you believe that Mr. HP has found another free WiFi? Likely this WiFi is from the Ford dealer for their customers.

The service department opens at 8am.

9AM - Air Conditioning Shop.
The Ford dealership did not have an air conditioning mechanic. So, they referred me to an Air Conditioning Shop not far from our Nite Camp here in Novojoa. The owner of the shop is Jesus Quintero.

Jesus checked our A/C system for leaks, and found one leak in a connecting hose close to the A/C compressor. Right now the existing R12 freon is being removed so that the O-Ring seals may be replaced.

You will likely find it incredible, that Mr. HP is able to go online once more from the inside of the A/C Shop! There is a shopping center across the street with an unsecured WiFi.
Shop owner, Jesus F. Quintero I.

5PM - Good bye water pump!
As MsTioga was approaching the City of Hermosillo, a sound began coming from the engine compartment. Soon the sound got louder, and we stopped to take a look. Green engine coolant was pouring out from the bottom of the engine.

MsTioga's water pump had gone bye-bye!

As luck would have it, we had stopped in front of "Gruas Tres Lados" [Tow Truck Three Sides]. The owner of the company is Gaspar CastaƱeda. Gaspar does a huge amount of mechanical repair at his business, and he offered to repair MsTioga! Pretty neat, huh? If we had not stopped directly in front of Gaspar's business, we would have been miles away from Hermosillo and a mechanic!

Jose, one of Gaspar's sons drove me to the family home where they have wireless internet. I wanted to make this post so that you would not be worrying about MsTioga and The Team!
Gaspar CastaƱeda working on MsTioga.