Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Morning swim

9AM - Morning swim
During my morning swim in the lake, Benito the owner of El Viejo Aztlán drove up in his white Jeep. I had seen Benito collecting money from people who come to picnic here. Benito asks $30 pesos per car from picnickers. El Viejo Aztlán is the only place to picnic around the lake.

Benito and I had a nice talk about the the lake hotels. One small hotel charges $3000 pesos per nite. Very expensive for Mexico. Another hotel costs $1,750 pesos including all meals.

The weather this morning is gorgeous. Very few clouds in the sky and the lake is very calm. Almost like a mirror.
View of the lake from MsTioga's window.

4PM - Quiet in the park.
Today there have been only three visitors to the park. Yesterday was busy, because it was Columbus Day. Not as busy as Sunday though.

A person may easily get addicted to the peace and tranquility of this place. It is dead quiet at nite. No sounds at all.