Thursday, October 08, 2009

Mr. Datastorm has news

8AM - Mr. Datastorm has news!
You may recall a short while back that Mr. Datastorm encountered problems going online. It seems that HughesNet made some changes in his satellite, and it began taking forever to go online.

We have even been talking with Steve O'Bosky, our Datastorm dealer, about changing out some of Mr. Datastorm's equipment to resolve this problem. However, about three days ago things improved dramatically! Mr. Datastorm wants you to know that he is back to his old wonderful self and is able to go online in only a few seconds!

Water shortage aboard MsTioga!
MsTioga has reported that she has a shortage of water. Two kinds of water. One is the water in MsTioga's fresh water tank. This is water that is used for washing dishes, the shower and toilet. The other is distilled water for our batteries.

We have decided to return to the City of Tepic to stock up on water and other supplies. Tepic is only 30 miles away from the lake. We will likely head out tomorrow after lunch and return to the lake Sunday afternoon.

1PM Clouds wake up Little Honda.
All morning long it was pretty cloudy. Not hardly any Sun for charging batteries. Not more than 9 amps/hour coming in. Then about 1pm, the Sun came out. Not enough time to get a full charge.

So, Little Honda volunteered to go on the job. He woke up and is pumping electricity like the good little generator he is.
MsTioga and Jorge pose with Little Honda while he pumps electric power.