Friday, October 09, 2009

Shopping trip to Tepic

8AM - Shopping trip to Tepic!
This morning MsTioga and The Team are very excited about heading out to go shopping in Tepic. Does it seem strange to you that we are excited about an ordinary thing like a shopping trip? Hmmmm?

MsTioga loves to drive, and so do all of the rest of us. There is something special about moving along the road, seeing things that we pass. We just love it!

9AM - One hour trip.
It only took MsTioga one hour to go the 30 miles from La Laguna to Tepic. We hardly ever use the toll road, but decided to use it this morning [cost $3.80US].

It is always great to explore new places. However, it is also great to know a place very well too. We know the City of Tepic. By 9:30am, we had bought the distilled water at the Cummins-Diesel store. And we also dropped off our laundry for washing.

Also, we are making this blog post using the WiFi from the Vips Restaurant next to the WalMart. MsTioga is in the parking lot within the WiFi connection area!

1PM - Bought everything.
We bought everything we came to Tepic to buy. We even found another Pemex gas station that has a hose bibb to fill up our fresh water tank. Not all the Pemex stations have hose bibbs.

Our laundry should be finished before 6pm. Enough daylite to return to La Laguna this afternoon. We were planning on staying in Tepic for another day. But returning to La Laguna would be better, don't you think?

7PM - Restaurant high above La Laguna.
MsTioga has arrived in Santa Maria del Oro. But it is long past sunset. It is pretty dark. MsTioga does not wish to drive down the steep curvy hill in the dark. So, we ask permission to stay the nite in the yard of the restaurant high above La Laguna.

Permission is granted!
MsTioga camped in the restaurant yard.