Friday, October 02, 2009

Son Dave's blog is terrific

Son Dave's blog is terrific!
My son Dave is a Foster Parent. Been doing fostering for 15 years. During my visit in California, Dave may have seen how much I enjoy blogging. He decided to do a blog too!

Dave describes his blog:
"A diary of the daily goings on at a California foster home."

Dave's blog is an interesting read. There is a "Read Dave" link in my blog [below] with Dave's pic in it. However, if this is your first time reading Dave's blog, go to the beginning page to get how it all began [link].

Note: Dave has a "Newer" and "Older" link at the bottom of his blog which takes you along in his story easily.

8AM - Plasensia Ford in Tepic.

MsTioga has arrived at the Ford dealer in Tepic. Our regular mechanic, "Chanfa," is doing the work. New rear brakes, change tranny fluid, replace heater core, replace spark plugs and spark plug cables.

Service in auto shops in Mexico is different than in the USA. I get to walk the shop floor here and watch all the work being done. I love that!

Ford has WiFi!

Plasensia Ford has WiFi. So, I am able to get online with Mr. HP while sitting inside MsTioga! Pretty neat, huh?
Chanfa, MsTioga's mechanic.

Expense Info published.
Mr. HP and Jorge have just published the TiogaRV Team's expense info for September, 2009. Even though we bought a new HP Notebook computer and went on our California trip, our expenses did not produce a huge deficit for this month.

This is due in part because our Google AdSense income shown in this statement was $1,176, pretty high for AdSense. Our AdSense income varies a lot from month to month. This past month it was $748. We are very happy with our AdSense income, which allows the TiogaRV team to live the life that we lead!

1. To view our Expense Info, click [here].
2. You may view our Expense Info at any time by clicking on the "Behind The Scenes" pic link found on our Home Page.

12 Noon - Brakes are OK!

Another mechanic told me that MsTioga's rear brakes were only good for 5,000 miles more. However, here at Ford-Tepic, Chanfa our mechanic says that the brakes are in good condition. Good for at least 20,000 miles more!

7PM - MsTioga leaves the shop.
All work on MsTioga has been completed. Chanfa our mechanic worked all day to complete the work. The cost including parts is $285US. If you are living in the USA, you may be thinking that this price is somewhat low.
It is low! And we on the TiogaRV Team are sooooooo happy arout that!