Sunday, October 18, 2009

Transmitter is toast

Transmitter is toast!
Last evening HughesNet began working normally again. However, our Mr. Datastorm could not go online. Because Mr. Datastorm's transmitter is toast!

Yes! It's true! Mr. Datastorm's transmitter does not even make one transmission anymore! Wow!

Our Datastorm dealer, Mr. Steve O'Bosky wanted to send us a backup transmitter just in case. But we refused. It goes to show, that if you have an excellent dealer, you should listen to his advice!

7:30AM - Heading north at warp speed!
You may have noticed from yesterday's blog post, that MsTioga and The Team are heading north at warp speed! We want to get Mr. Datastorm repaired as soon as possible. It is OK finding stores with internet access to make our posts. But not at all the same as having our own on board internet when Mr. Datastorm is working!

We plan to take our time during our return trip south in November. Exploring and searching for adventure.

In the pic below is the grocery store with internet access where we made our post here in the Pueblo of Coyotitan. The owners of this store have a daughter living in San Francisco!
Grocery store where we went online.

4PM - In the City of Guaymuchil.
Upon entering the City of Guaymuchil, we looked thru a neighborhood for an internet store. While driving along, we spotted a new sushi restaurant, and decided to go there for supper.

What a disappointment! I could not eat the food. It was not Japanese food. Must be somebody's idea of Japanese food. It is amazing how many restaurants in Mexico which feature Japanese food and pizza, are operated by Mexican people who know almost nothing about such food!

Internet store.
The waitress at the sushi place told of an internet store a few blocks away. But that store was closed. A boy working at a purified water store nearby, offered to show me where there was another internet store.

That is where we are right now, typing at you from the City of Guaymuchil. We will stay the nite here.

Email received from our Datastorm dealer.
Steve O'Bosky, our Datastorm dealer sent an email. He will not be home and able to work on Mr. Datastorm until Saturday, October 24th. So, we are going to slow down from Warp speed and do a little visiting!

We have a friend in the City of Los Mochis where we will be tomorrow!