Monday, October 26, 2009

Tweeking Mr. Datastorm

Tweaking Mr. Datastorm!
As you may have read in Steve O'Bosky's ShoutBox post, today Mr. Datastorm will be serviced to try and maximize his output. We on the TiogaRV Team want our Mr. Datastorm to be completely tweaked!

Steve is looking over all of Mr. Datastorm's backup parts and equipment in order to make sure that if anything breaks down, we have the stuff needed to do repairs on board MsTioga.

By the way, Mr. Datastorm wants you to know that we are making this morning's post using his system! And he wants you to know that he is feeling great to be working again!!

Where will MsTioga go next?
We had a Team Meeting this morning, and Mr. Wave6 our hardworking portable catalytic heater [link] asked a very good question!
Where will we be going after Mr. Datastorm is working fine again?

There was a BIG discussion! MsTioga has not been in the USA in almost two years and she would like to visit with family and friends. We will go north to visit Son Dave [link]. Then go south along the California coast visiting Son Joe, Uncle Seymour and Aunt Shirley and Cousin Jacky.

We also wish to visit our friends John & Mimi Porter who live in the San Diego area. And other friends who we may meet along the way.

2PM - Resting by the creek.
After Mr. Datastorm was all tweaked, Steve drove me around his property on a golf cart! Really! He did! The property is pretty large, and the golf cart took us way up around and high up the hill where the views were gorgeous.

Then we went down to the creek where there is a swing. After we talked for awhile, Steve went up to his trailer for a nap. I stayed on the swing and Little Mavicita snuck down and took a pic of me!
George on the swing at Steve's place.