Saturday, October 10, 2009

Up above the world so high

7AM - Up above the world so high!
Little Mavicita and I walked to the railing of the restaurant and looked down the steep slope to La Laguna. The view is spectacular even though it is hazy thru the early morning mist. The rain storms of the past few days have gone away. Today may be gorgeous and sunshiny.

We met briefly with the owner of the restaurant yesterday nite as he was leaving for home. That was when we asked permission to Camp here for the nite in order to avoid driving down to La Laguna in the dark.

Looking out MsTioga's window, we see a building in partial construction. The restaurant owner is building a home at the edge of his property. The home overlooks La Laguna way below. The construction is done the Mexican way, little by little as money is saved.
La Laguna thru the mist.

A home with a view.

10AM - Back at La Laguna.
Armando the restaurant owner returned and opened the gate. We told him thank you once again for allowing MsTioga to stay the nite. Then, we took off down the hill for La Laguna.

There are no other tourists visiting at El Viejo Aztlán. Only MsTioga and The Team. Later, there should be a bunch of people here enjoying La Laguna.
MsTioga's location in Google Earth.