Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Vagabonds in Mexico

Vagabonds in Mexico!
As you may know, MsTioga and The Team are vagabonds and we have been vagabonding fulltime in Mainland Mexico for nearly two years. What happens to vagabonds when they happen on to a place that is a paradise?

MsTioga found two places that captured her since she became a vagabond in 2003. One was the Pueblo of Santa Rosalia in Baja California del Sur. She stayed in Santa Rosalia for three winters. The other was the Pueblo of Aticama on the Pacific Coast of Mexico. MsTioga stayed in Aticama for about six months beginning last winter.

How does a vagabond know when they happen on to a paradise? One way to know is to look out the window!
View from MsTioga's window.

12 Noon - Why not stop worrying?
One of the great things about being a retired person, is that there are zillions of hours available to do nothing but think about stuff. Perhaps with all of that time available, I have been able to figure things out about the mysteries of life.

So, when a friend of mine was drowning in worry, I was able to offer her a solution.
"Stop worrying, everything will work itself out!"

You may be thinking that this answer to worry is much too simplistic. However, I've had many worries myself during my life. And every time, every single time, the thing that I was worrying about eventually was resolved. So, I resolved not to worry about things anymore.

Instead of worrying, I simply attend to stuff. I live and take plenty time to enjoy. Sometimes I have to put off attending to the thing that is of concern. Let time go by. Worrying takes a lot of energy, especially emotional energy. Not worrying returns me to a sense of well being.

3PM - A different view of MsTioga.
Little Mavicita and I went on a walk to a little grocery store to buy some milk. On the way, we captured the lovely pano pic below to share with you!
MsTioga at La Laguna de Santa Maria del Oro.