Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Best Mr. Dometic

Best Mr. Dometic!
This Mr. Dometic appears to be our best Dometic that we have had on the TiogaRV Team so far. And we have had no less than SEVEN Mr. Dometics since February, 2003.

This Mr. Dometic runs cooler than any of the others. He cools faster than any of the others too. The guys at Crane's RV Refrigeration [where the Dometic cooling unit was installed yesterday] told me that every cooling unit runs different. Wow!

Summons for Jury Service.
A letter from the Superior Court of California arrived for me at Dave's home yesterday. The letter contained a summons for jury service on Monday, January 4, 2010. I phoned the court this morning and asked for a postponement to April 14, 2010. And they gave me the OK for this date!

I really like to serve as a juror. Got a lot of summons during past years, but was never called to a trial.

With this new summons date, it means that I will be flying back for a visit to California next April!

3PM Camped in Santa Cruz.
Tioga and The Team have made an Afternoon Camp at Twin Lakes, in the City of Santa Cruz. Looking out across the beach, surf of the Pacific Ocean pounds in. Do you see the lighthouse at the right of the pic below?
MsTioga in Santa Cruz.

8AM - Reader Mike.
We have received email from Reader Mike Lockridge, who wanted to visit MsTioga and The Team. Of course we answered, "Yes!" Because we love visits!

It was a good time sharing stories with Mike!
Reader Mike in Santa Cruz.

Dave's Pumpkin Bread dessert!
Yesterday evening my Son Dave prepared a wonderful dessert. Pumpkin Bread. You may read about that by clicking [here].

This morning, Dave gave me two luscious pieces of Pumpkin Bread to take along on my journey. And, this evening I enjoyed another wonderful dessert.
Son Dave's Pumpkin Bread.