Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Chicken soup

Chicken soup!
What is it about chicken soup that is sooooooo good! Hmmmm?

Reader Dick from Torrance brought chicken soup yesterday. I had some for breakfast this morning. Why is it so good? Is it because the chicken soup is warm? Tasty? I don't know what. But I ate every drop. Every noodle. Every chunk of chicken.

2PM - Lake Murray Camp.
MsTioga and The Team are now at Lake Murray, east of the City of San Diego. We spent the morning and part of the afternoon, visiting with our friend John who lives nearby.

John and his wife Mimi, have invited me over for Thanksgiving Supper! Pretty neat, huh?
George at Mission Trails Regional Park
Overlooking Lake Murray

Reader Diugo wonders?
Diugo wonders in ShoutBox about our visit to American Battery yesterday? Where did we Nite Camp yesterday? What about Thanksgiving? What about my upcoming birthday? Stuff like that! How could I have forgotten about these things? Hmmmmmm?

At American Battery I bought some battery acid which will be used to bring up the specific gravity in some of the cells that are low. I also bought one of their hydrometers, which are excellent quality and easy to read.

We told you about our Nite Camp yesterday, November 23rd. Look at our 5pm post yesterday.

I've just posted above about Thanksgiving. We are invited to John and Mimi's home for Thanksgiving.

And for my birthday? I will likely be spending my birthday somewhere in Arizona, close to the Mexican frontier.

I met a man on the edge!
Yesterday afternoon as I was approaching Shelter Island in San Diego, there was an old Tioga RV in front of me. I followed the Tioga, and it entered Shelter Island, me right behind.

After the Tioga parked, I went up and asked the man driving how his Tioga was doing. He told me that he just bought his Tioga a few days ago for $900 from the Goodwill. It was a donation. He told me that it runs pretty good.

This man had been well off. Then, his wife divorced him and he moved into an apartment. He hurt his back bad, and went on disability. Recently for some reason, his disability was denied. Being unemployed, his resources dwindled. His cash is down to hundreds of dollars. Paying rent is out of the question. He now lives fulltime in his aged Tioga.

The fridge does not work. Neither does the heater. His roof leaks in front and back. He has a car, that is about to be repossessed. But this man, who is down and out, believes that he will make it back. This man who is on the edge, still has hope.

Man-O-Man! I watched as this fellow cleaned the exterior of his 1976 Tioga. And I thought to myself, how well I am doing, by comparison.