Thursday, November 05, 2009

Crab season

Crab season!
Crab season apparently begins this weekend and many RVers gather to party in the lot where MsTioga is Camped. Yesterday when we first arrived, there were no RVs here. But minutes later, other RVs began arriving for this crab party.

We were talking to one of these RVer celebrants, who told that the harbor rents out space here at this time of year for $30 per nite! And sure enough we got a "Warning Notice" during the nite which was placed on MsTioga's windshield! Imagine that?

So now at 5am, we are moving to another parking lot about 200 yards away. A parking lot for the restaurant, shops and Oceano Hotel. MsTioga refuses to pay $30 rent just because the crab season is opening!

Well, maybe we would pay this rent if free crab was included!

Note: If you click on one of the Google Map links below, you may see that we are Camped at the north end of famous Half Moon Bay!

The Great Reed Brothers Story!
Sometimes things happen which are just plain impossible. Sometimes too many coincidences are involved. The odds too great to happen. Yet things happen!

Yesterday Reader David Reed emailed wanting to visit MsTioga and The Team. We emailed back and forth with David, and we made a date to meet this morning. An amazing set of events had to happen before David arrived at our Camp. After David arrived, and while we both were sitting inside MsTioga talking, David's brother Ron walked by MsTioga while talking on a cell phone.

If I had not received the "Warning Notice" written about above. If I had not moved because of that Warning Notice. If I had not decided to rotate MsTioga 180° so that Mr. Datastorm would have an easier time finding his satellite. If I had not tried to logon to the nearby Oceano Hotel WiFi. If I had not opened MsTioga's front curtains for a clearer shot at Oceano's WiFi. If brother Ron had not stopped to talk on his cell phone right next to MsTioga. If brother David had not glanced out of MsTioga's window just when his brother Ron stopped next to MsTioga.

All of these things had to happen for these two brothers to meet this morning. These two brothers had last seen each each other for two years!

You may believe in coincidence. We on the TiogaRV Team used to believe in coincidence too. But no more! Time and time again, things like "The Great Reed Brothers Story" have happened to us. Now, we believe different. We believe in the magic of destiny.

Brings tears of happiness to our eyes, to share this story with you!
David and Ron Reed meet inside MsTioga [L-R].

4PM - Pescadero State Beach.
We have made an Afternoon Camp at one of the few pieces of California State property we found along the Pacific Coast that does not have posted a demand for a visiting fee. Wow!

The waves are rolling in only about 75 yards from MsTioga. Our plan is to stay here close to Sundown. Then make a Nite Camp a bit inland at a place we scouted out a few minutes ago. We have named this Nite Camp location, Bird Park Camp, because it is on bird sanctuary land.

6PM - Bird Park Nite Camp.
MsTioga and The Tioga RV Team have just setup in our Nite Camp in Bird Park, a sanctuary for birdies on California State Property. We are pushing the limits a bit staying at this place. However, nothing ventured, nothing gained!