Sunday, November 08, 2009

Cranes RV Refrigeration

7PM - Cranes RV Refrigeration
MsTioga and The Team are Nite Camped at Cranes RV Refrigeration in the City of Vallejo, California. We drove north from Santa Cruz this afternoon. Tomorrow morning, Cranes will remove Mr. Dometic's bad cooling unit and install a remanufactured cooling unit. Then, we will have our Mr. Dometic refrigerator working again.

Why didn't we make a post until 7pm?
Well, I really do not know? My Son Dave phoned me a few minutes ago wondering if I was alright. Did I have a senior moment or something? Hmmmm? I just forgot to make a blog post!

This was a real good day though. In the morning Tioga and I drove over to the Santa Cruz Diner and waited for Son Joe to walk there to meet us. We had a nice breakfast, and then drove down to the Santa Cruz beach.

There is a place where MsTioga may park at the beach. We have Day Camped there many times. It is called, "Twin Lakes". Joe and I hung out there watching the waves come in, the birds flying, the sail boats sailing.

Joe told me, "I like hanging out here with you, Dad." [Music to my ears! ]