Monday, November 30, 2009

Crossing into Mexico

Crossing into Mexico!
Today is the TiogaRV Team's last day in the United States. When we head out of Gila Bend this morning, the International Border is only 82 miles to the south.

For many RVers, the journey that MsTioga will make today is unthinkable. Too dangerous. Filled with terror. But for us on the TiogaRV Team, it is just another day's journey. Filled only with the events which alter and illuminate our times.

And, you are there!

9AM - MsTioga broke down!
It appears that MsTioga's fuel filter has caused her engine to stop. We are located about 20 miles south of Gila Bend, just south of a Border Patrol check point.

The closest mechanic is in Gila Bend. My cell phone is out of a service area. I have a fuel filter and fuel pump on board.

I have the phone numbers of mechanic shops in Gila Bend:
Fred's Truck and Auto Repair: (928) 683-2398
Gila Bend Auto: (928) 683-2391

Would you please try and phone them?

9:30AM - Is a mechanic coming out?
I have received an email telling that several phone calls have been received by the mechanics
that I listed.. However, I don't know if a mechanic is actually coming out?

10AM - Highway patrol says that a mechanic is on the way.
The highway patrol just told me that a mechanic is coming out from the Napa Auto Parts Company in Gila Bend.

4:30PM - Is bad luck dogging my path?
I am telling you now about what happened after everything was repaired.
  • The mechanic replaced the fuel filter, and MsTioga still would not run.
  • A tow truck came out and hauled MsTioga back into Gila Bend.
  • The low pressure fuel pump was replaced, and MsTioga is now running again.
However, I have to be honest with myself about what is happening. There is not one iota of doubt in my mind, that bad luck is dogging my path. Why all of these bad things, these breakdowns, parking tickets, more breakdowns, and even more breakdowns are happening, I have no idea.

But there is no doubt that bad stuff is happening to me. And now I am beginning to look for those bad things to happen. What is next? The Datastorm going bad? The starter going out? The fuel pump just installed going bad? BTW, this fuel pump was replaced only last April !!!

What's next!?

I just noticed that my Blogger text is going crazy. All sorts of coding that should not be there is there. My Lord? What a bummer!!
MsTioga gets towed.