Monday, November 23, 2009

Deep cycle batteries

7:30AM - Deep cycle batteries.
Our visit to American Battery this morning initially was for them to check out our batteries. However, we really do not need the batteries checked out. We on the TiogaRV Team are fully capable to do the checking.

The main problem with the batteries, is that the specific gravity needs equalizing. We have been unable to do that equalization with a daily controlled overcharge. So, we are going to do the equalization by the careful addition of battery acid [link].

While at American Battery, we want to shop their store. Mr. Sunny would like to buy a new hydrometer and perhaps some new battery cables.

Flu report.
We have good news about the flu! Today is the third day with no fever. Lung congestion is greatly reduced, likely due to over-the-counter medication, "Mucinex" which was recommended by Son Dave.

No report on the diarrhea yet this morning!

12 Noon - Beautiful Shelter Island.
We have made an Afternoon Camp on Shelter Island, in the City of San Diego. This is a gorgeous place. Across the bay we see downtown San Diego.
MsTioga at Shelter Island along San Diego Bay.

5PM - Nite Camped near the water.
MsTioga has made a Nite Camp, close to the water. This Camp is not far from our Shelter Island Afternoon Camp.

While we were at Shelter Island, Reader Dick from Torrance, California came by for a visit. Can you imagine that? All the way from Torrance?!

In the pic below, Dick is watching a slide show prepared by Son Dave for Little A to remember his good times at Dave's Home.
Dick watching slide show.